Behind the curtain – how banks judge your living expenses

Household expenses list

It’s no secret that lenders have tightened up their criteria for approving loans. Everyone knows someone who has struggled to get a home loan these days, and it can seem like a huge hurdle to get approved.  But once you know what raises a red flag for lenders it can be quite easy to make […]

What do I need to do before buying at auction?

Couple winning auction online

Buying at auction for the first time can be a daunting task! There’s quite a bit to consider and plan for, and having your finance lined up is a critical step. Buying at auction requires you to do your due diligence before you bid. Here’s what you need to know: Have any building or pest […]

What is the bank looking for these days?

Australian home loan money

What does the bank look at? Whether it’s your first or your fifth home loan, what the banks are evaluating when approving loans today can seem like a moving target.  We break down what lenders are looking for at the moment and how you can help get that tick of approval. Your Income What you […]

The basics of home loans

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You’ve saved hard, have been researching the market, and you’re finally ready to make an offer on a house you love! Along with that excitement comes the anxiety of having to apply for a mortgage.  While many of us know what a mortgage is, the ins and outs can often seem a tad elusive. But […]